TITLE: Spiritualism and Sociological Aspects of Balinese People in Earthquake Mitigation
SPEAKERS: Rama Gerald Jade, Putu Krishna Masari Kumara

The island of Bali is located in the Pacific ring of fire area, the alpide belt area, and above some tectonic plates (, 2018) which causes Bali to be a disaster-prone area. The Balinese ancestors realized and understood this reality and responded by creating disaster-related manuscripts and their mitigations, such as the lontar Roga Sangara Bumi, which explains about disaster mitigation according to Bali’s local wisdom, based on spirituality (Suyatra, 2018). But nowadays, various disasters that occur in Bali causes material losses and even casualties. In 1917, the earthquake in Bali killed 1500 lives and in 1976, 559 people were killed (, 2018). The purpose of this study is (1) to study the lontar Roga Sangara Bumi manuscript as local wisdom in disaster mitigation, (2) to analyze why in the 20th century, there were still many fatalities and material disasters when the earthquake occurred in Bali, even though Bali had disaster mitigation manuscripts based on local wisdom. This study uses in-depth interviews and documentation studies. The study was conducted in Bali in January – March 2019. Temporary conclusions (1) lontar Roga Sangara Bumi contains local wisdom in disaster mitigation, (2) There is a gap between Balinese people’s knowledge of lontar Roga Sangara Bumi manuscripts and changes in Balinese characters in the 20th century.