TITLE: Sea Level Rise
SPEAKERS: Liam Lynch, Hale Robinson, Lauren Luke

Oahu, Hawai’i, our island home, is currently suffering the many consequences of Climate Change. One repercussion is the threat of sea level rise, which, along with groundwater flooding and continuous coastal erosion, threatens our island’s shores. Recent studies have shown that the rate of sea level rise in Hawaii has tripled from the previous century and may be putting twice the amount of Hawaii’s land at risk (Anderson et al.) This example is just of the many ways that Climate Change affects both Hawai’i and the world we live in. Through resource depletion, significant loss in wildlife habitats, and an increased number of natural disasters, the worldwide effects of Climate Change have become increasingly apparent. However, despite scientific evidence, many people continue to ignore, resist, and downplay the realities of Climate Change. Recognizing this discrepancy, we turn to the Humanities to educate and persuade. Through storytelling (in written, digital-video and spoken-word form) we hope to bring these issues to light by raising awareness in our school community and expanding outward to inspire positive action that will not only serve as a beacon of hope for Hawaii, but for the world.