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SPEAKERS: Yan Rong Shermaine Ong, Jing Han Sarah Khaw, Yu Ren Zhang, Jia Jun Sean Lim

As a developed city-state, Singapore sets high standards for her built environment – in terms of aesthetics, functionality, safety and sustainability. However, the Kampung spirit, which is a strong bond amongst neighbours built on trust over time, appears to be diluting recently in the modern context. In an aim to foster greater spirit in communal living, a new mixed-use development, Kampung Admiralty, was built and it also attained the ‘Building of the Year’ title at the World Architecture Festival 2018 for its ingenious design which meets multiple sustainability needs. This project investigated people’s perceptions on Kampung Admiralty – specifically, if it had been catering well to residents’ needs and if it is socially sustainable. Survey questionnaires and interviews conducted were used to compare the opinions against an older kampung, Kampung Buangkok. Further insights on how to create and sustain a place that is liveable for an ageing population and future generations were also explored. The project ultimately tried to make sense of the unique features of the building that can help to promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Hopefully, these findings may then serve as a model for other urban buildings around the world.