TITLE: Consequences of a possible nuclear accident in Ascó (Spain)
SPEAKERS: Thazin Myat, Yi Xing, Won Kiat Yap, Rui Russell Luo

Governments across the world face many challenges of an aging population. While the economic one is often targeted, there are also many social challenges where the elderly, especially those who live alone, suffer from loneliness, depression and lack of accessibility to healthcare. As more elderly are now living alone, it calls for external support and initiatives to ensure their daily well-being. Our local postal services, SingPost recently implemented a new initiative called Postman Home Visits, where volunteer postmen will check on vulnerable elderly during their delivering rounds. We aim to study the outcomes and effectiveness of this new initiative in ensuring the well-being of the elderly participants through surveys and interviews. One area we would like to focus on is whether these home visits increases social interaction, overall well-being and health of the elderly. Using our results, we will evaluate if this programme would be worthwhile and beneficial enough to extend to a larger community.