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What we desire to realize in this world is a society where everyone can work actively. Through our research, we focused on NEETs (people Not in Education, Employment, or Training). In the present situation, NEETs are common around the world. Among these people, there is a great number who are not even searching for jobs. Reasons these people become NEETs have a strong correlation with problems in their youth. Therefore, we focused on NEETs aged 16 to 24 who are hesitating to make their first step to return to society. In our research and project, the point which we consider the most important is helping NEETs work actively, not passively. Our project aims to propose a nonprofit organization which helps NEETs actively contribute to solve various social issues. This organization prepares various enterprises for NEETs to contribute to society. NEETs would choose what they would like to do, and we would dispatch them to relevant positions or areas. For that, we will research about how to manage and finance the organization, how to assemble NEETs, how to get NEETs to feel the pleasure and worth of contributing to society, and how to help NEETs return to society from the organization.