TITLE: Sustainable Transportation
SPEAKERS: Nanna Staer Hincheli, Astrid Strange

This project seeks to examine how we can decrease the amount of CO2 emissions from transportation as well as the viability of green public transportation in our society. The project will focus primarily on trains as they are a popular mode of public transportation and one which has the lowest levels of emissions per person. The paper will focus on how trains can be made more attractive for people to use, how pollution from trains can be minimised, how big a difference it would make if all trains were converted to for example solar power and whether such a conversion is beneficial or even possible to develop. The project will look the benefits and consequences of reducing ticket prices, increasing the price of petrol and whether it is viable to use one to fund the other. It is necessary to include studies from abroad, such as India and Italy, and the reduced amount of sunlight in Winter must be taken into consideration as well. In order to arrive at any significant conclusions, it is also necessary to research domestic efforts in this area as well as research green energy in general, solar and wind for example, and in general a lot of data and information will need to be gathered. We will also examine and consider Danish environmental policy with regards to emission standards and the country’s participation in The Paris Agreement. Additionally, several viewpoints will have to be examined as well as public opinion. We will employ both quantitative and qualitative methods when conducting research, such as interviews and public opinion polls. Finally, we hope to develop suggestions regarding policy or perhaps even practical solutions.